We take pride in introducing you to our products and services and would like to thank you for showing interest in becoming part of the Team.

We are reaching out a helping hand to those who answer yes to any of these questions:


  • Struggling to sell your car or pay your installments?
  • Is  your vehicle settlement amount too high to sell or trade in?
  • Are you moving overseas or need to sell your vehicle, but the settlement is too high?
  • Have your vehicle instalments became unaffordable?
  • Are your car payments in arrears?
  • Do you want to be relieved and still earn extra cash?
  • Paid up vehicle? ? Register your car. Sell it through installments and start earning monthly


Look no further..We can help you!


We maintain everything all you do is just receive monthly premiums.


Register your car. Get paid monthly. Sell it through installments and start earning monthly. Do it now, do it today.


We will advertise your vehicle on our website, Facebook page & group and newsletter. We have over 2000 clients who are in need of a vehicle but cannot obtain finance. We have a qualification process that we follow with each client who shows interest in your vehicle before we take the next step.


All our vehicles are installed with a Netstar Safe & Sound unit which allows us to monitor the mileage usage of your vehicle, as well as knowing where the vehicle is at all times.


Each vehicle is comprehensively insured with you listed on the policy as the Owner of the vehicle, as well as the finance house listed too.